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Crafting Remarkable Brands & People



The marketing and communications landscape has never been more complex. 

New communication opportunities present themselves on a daily basis, whilst consumer behaviours, trends and passions are in a constant state of flux. For the modern marketer, keeping apace is almost impossible, and making sense of it for brand and marketing purposes presents a strain on resource, capability and brainpower.

So, we have launched REMARKABILITY, a new marketing, communications and coaching consultancy, with one simple goal: SIMPLIFY THE COMPLEX.

Our promise is to help clients craft brands to have a meaningful presence in consumers’ lives, and a tangible impact on the bottom line. Crafting brands that tell a story, leverage innovation wisely and are sufficiently agile to navigate the digital world is our passion. We also believe we need to help craft the skills of marketing and media talent through coaching, mentoring and capability-building so that we all learn and grow together.

Based in Singapore, we have global scale and expertise, second-to-none. Mark Bowling, our Chief Crafter, has almost 20 years experience helping steer blue chip clients such as Samsung and Unilever through the complexity of brand communications and the equally daunting and exciting digital future. 

We’d love to share more of our story with you, so please get in touch if you'd like to chat.


We are a pretty cool and bright collection of people and personalities who understand the impact of creativity but the role of pragmatism.  We know brands.  We know marketing. We know media. We know people. And we know what you want. (Which is to go home tonight knowing you did a great job today).