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Crafting Remarkable Brands & People


We have a combined 50 years in new business pitches, and have assisted multiple clients brief, manage, review and select their agencies - from creative to media to digital to PR.  

We are also expert in crafting new business pitches for agencies and have had significant success in this area ($3bn in billings in 7 years ain't bad!). Our service is broad - from overall pitch strategy all the way through to pitch presentation design.



With our background in communications planning, creative ideation, client service and consumer insight development, Remarkability is best placed to oversee the holistic communications strategy.

With this experience, we are also adept at managing multiple parties on behalf of our clients, and in the past we have helped brief, review and actively manage up to 25 agencies for a single brand. This expertise is highly valuable when the client team is small and the agency structure is complex.


To get to know more about what we do and how we do it, please contact us at [email protected]